2. Activities in compliance with our economic, ecological and social sustainability policy:


- We produce with clean energy, since September 2021 we began to replace the diesel from our boilers by natural gas, reducing all the CO emissions previously emitted by diesel from the boilers, also becoming an economic support for the subsidy of natural gas by the government to the surrounding populations.


- Replacement of fuel forklifts with electric forklifts, reducing carbon monoxide emissions to the environment.


- Separation of waste for recycling.


- Separation of rainwater drainage and industrial water and sewage treatment.


- Conversion of industrial drainage solids to returnable compost to the field.


- Among its obligations are those of full compliance with human rights and an environmental license granted by local authorities.


- Provide additional services to those of the law, such as:


    + Free transportation for employees through our buses.


    + Or medical service in plant and free medicines for emergencies.


    + Accident insurance in addition to the social security of law.


- During the Covid-19 pandemic:


    + Free tablets were provided to all staff for internal training and as a contribution to their children's online school studies.


    + Vaccination against Covid was coordinated for all Inborja staff and their families.


3. Projects


- Industrialize banana peels that are currently used in their natural form for livestock feed and compost.


- Reuse of industrial water for plant irrigation.


- Redesign of facilities to reduce water and energy consumption.


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