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Mission Statement

Develop products and provide services that meet and exceed the needs and expectations of our customers, applying continuous improvement with cooperation and mutual respect between employees and suppliers.


Vision Statement

Expand production of derivatives of all components of the banana to serve potential customers, recycle and reduce environmental impact.


About01Company Profile

Inborja S.A. was created with the aim of industrializing the vast amount of non-exportable banana but of good quality, providing a breakthrough of industrial technology to our country and creating jobs for some people of our society, starting to export the aseptic banana puree by end of 1986. To do this, we built the building in the middle of the owned banana plantation, where the plant is currently operating..  

Its initial manufactured product was aseptic banana puree 100% natural with seeds, packed in aseptic bags in boxes of 15 gallon capacity, which gradually was changed to aseptic bag in metal drum of 55-gallon capacity, also increasing new container sizes of smaller and bigger sizes using with the same aseptic bag in box/drum system according to market requirements and producing better efficiency in cost of packaging, storage and transport. Also we added a finisher and acidification system in order to produce new banana puree formulations that diversify the type of product to seeded or seedless, acidified with ascorbic and citric or only with ascorbic acid added or just natural (100% bananas). Also Inborja was submitted to international regulations and audits, obtaining certifications SGF of Germany, HACCP of Inspectorate and special certifications as Kosher, or organic from BCS for organic products, ambient license. 

Over the years, it was decided to continue the diversification of products, initiating other plantations in our farm as passion fruit, mango, soursop, papaya, acerola and lemon. These fruits were mostly processed and exported with the same aseptic system technology. Due to the severe winter of El Niño, production of these new crops was significantly reduced, eliminating all these plantations and production of pulp of their fruits, but in April 1999 achieved to expand manufacturing facilities by acquiring other machinery to produce nectars packaging 1 liter and 250 ml.

Since 2008 Inborja started to modernized its equipment acquiring a new aseptic filler machine, building a new warehouse and having this year new equipment of new technology to be able to have better production capacity, saving in energy and having better ambient care.


Global Presence

Thanks to our quality product and the diversity of our packages we are happy to announce that we have delivered our products to the United States, France, United Kingdom, Germany, Italy, Holland, Spain, Poland, Israel, Japan, Saudi Arabia, United Emirates, South Africa, Chile, among other countries.

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Industrias Borja is located in the middle of the main banana sector of Ecuador. In this place there is a great quantity of sunlight and this does not vary throughout the year, so there are always bananas.

The company's Corporate Headquarters Offices are located in the city of Machala, El Oro province in southern Ecuador.

The Factory is located 40 minutes from the city of Machala, near the town of Barbones. Strategically located in the middle of a large number of banana plantations and suppliers, we ensure our production time and quality standards.

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